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Dear parents and students, PEPS's Girls Athlete Team has participated in the UAE Schools Athletes Championship Sponsored by Dubai Police in January, 29 2015. Our student Alyazya Obeid won the Golden Medal for the 600 MeterMarathon, and Silver Medal for the 200 meter sprint. Francisca won the silver medal for Metal Ball Throw. Shamma Jamal won the Bronze Medal in the High Jump. Those wins led PEPS school to achieve 3rd place in the whole championship against the participated schools from UAE. A cheque of $5000 from UAE Athletes Federation was given to School for achieving this position. Alyazya Obeid was chosen to represent the UAE on behalf of the UAE Athetes Federation for schools. We congratulate our students, parents and our Sports teachers who helped in training and leading our Athlete team. Thank you

Dear all, School will be on First Term Break from Friday 26 of December and returning on January 11, 2015. Wish you all happy holiday and happy new year.

PEPS wishes all our students and parents and all UAE nationals and residents a Happy National Holiday. we congratulate H.H Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed, President of U.A.E and Their Highnesses Supreme Council Members and Rulers of the Emirates, wishing them good health.

School students prayed the Istiskaa Prayer (rain prayer) at school on Thursday 27th November 2014. for more information on this prayer please visit (in Arabic):

Today the school held celebration event for the 43rd UAE National Day. It started with the National Anthem, Quran rituals followed and the students participated in folklore dances, and ended with student poem on UAE and its Sheikhs and people. The school will be the main host for the Chamber of Commerce UAE celebration event, Sharjah department on Sunday 30th od November. Our students will also participate at the Parade held in Sharjah for the celebration of the National Day. We wish you all Happy National Day, and may God always keep UAE, rulers and people safe.

We would like to inform our school students and parents that PEPS will open Grade 12 next academic year. So our school will be operating from KG1 to Grade 12. For the high demand of admission at peps, new Kindergarten and Primary buildings will open next academic year as an extension for the school. Admission for new academic year (2014-2015) will be open from January/15/2015.

Congratulation to our student Ziad Wael Grade 3, for winning the UAE Karate Championship with Gold medal for Under 8 years Old. It was an amazing performance. Ziad following his brother steps (karim wael) who already won last year the UAE karate Championship for Under 10 years old. We wish Ziad and all our students the best in their future and hope all their dreams do come true. Administration

تقرير البطولة افتتحت بطولة المدرسة لصفوف الخامس و السادس و السابع يوم الاحد تاريخ 2014\11\2 بفوز مفاجئ للصف الخامس على الصف السادس بضربات الجزاء بعد انتهاء المباراة بتعادل سلبي. بدأت المباراة الثانية بين الصف السابع ب و السابع ج بهدف من الاعب عيسى ابراهيم بعد تمريرة جميلة من حمد فهد , لم يمر كثير من الوقت حتى عزز الصدارة الاعب حمد فهد بعد تسديدة سريعة و خاطفة انهت المباراة بنتيجة 2-0 للصف السابع ب. في نصف النهائي , لعب الصف السابع ب مع الصف الخامس الذي غلب جميع التوقعات بوصوله الى هذه المرحلة , بدأت المباراة بضربة حرة احتسبت للصف السابع و التي ترجمها هداف البطولة الى هدف يعد من أجمل أهداف البطولة , و بعد محاولات عديدة من الصف الخامس التي آلت الى الفشل , قام سيف سالم بإحراز هدف جميل بالقدم اليسرى , و بعد مدة قصيرة , قام سيف طارق بإنهاء المباراة و ختمها بهدف قاتل في أواخر المباراة . على الجانب الآخر , انتهت مباراة الصف السابع ج و الصف السادس بتعادل سلبي مما أدى الى ضربات الجزاء التي انتهت بفوز الصف السابع ج. أتت المباراة النهائية و استعد الفريقان لهذه المباراة , بقيت المباراة على تعادلها السلبي الى أن احرز الاعب ريان هدف ينهي به طموحات الصف السابع ب و أدى هذا الهدف الى فوز الصف السابع ج بنتيجة 1-0 و حصول الصف السابع ج على الكاس و المركز الأول.

افتتحت مسابقة الدوري بين الصف الثامن و التاسع في التاريخ الموافق 26-10-14 حيث استطاع الصف التاسع أن ينتصر على نضيره الصف الثامن بنتيجة قاسية و هي 2-0 و سجل الهدفان اللاعب علي خطاب بطريقة رائعة . وكانت المباراة الثانية بين الصف العاشر و الصف الحادي عشر في التاريخ الموافق ل27-10-14 حيث تمكن الفريقان من التعادل بهدف لكل منهما و سجله يوسف من الصف العاشر بتمريرة من اللاعب محمد باسل و تمكن عبدالله عمر من الصف الحادي عشر في الدقيقة الاخيرة من تسجيل هدف التعادل و فاز الصف الحادي عشر بضربات الترجيح. بدأت المباراة الثالثة في التاريخ الموافق ل28-10-14 بين الصف التاسع و الصف الحادي عشر بضغط كبير من الصف الحادي عشر حيث أثمر ذلك بهدفين عن طريق اللاعب عبدالله طارق و فوزي و انتهت المباراة على حالها و بذلك خروج الصف التاسع من البطولة. و انتهت المباراة الرابعة في التاريخ الموافق ل29-10-14 بسحق الصف العاشر لنضيره الصف الثامن ب 3-0 , سجل الهدفين الأول و الثالث من قبل اللاعب عبدالسلام من تسديدات جميلة و سجل الهدف الثاني اللاعب محمد باسل بكرة أرضية من حمد عبدالله باغت فبها الحارس . وبذلك تأهل الصف العاشر و الصف الحادي عشر الى النهائي في تاريخ 2-11-14 حيث تمكن الصف الحادي عشر من الانتصار ب 3-1 و كان نجم المباراة اللاعب عبدالله عمر حيث استطاع تسجيل هدفين و عبدالله طارق الهدف الثالث و استطاع اللاعب عبدالسلام من تقليص الفارق بهدف جميل. تكريم اللاعبين : أحسن لاعب :عبدالسلام طارق أحسن حارس :عبدالرحمن سعيد أحسن أخلاق: محمد باسل الهداف :عبدالله عمر روح رياضية: سعيد اللعب النظيف : أحمد صبحي اشراف : كابتن محمد عباس عبدالرحمن

The National Day holiday for our school will run from Tuesday, December 2 to Thursday, December 4, with school resuming on Sunday, December 7. On this occasion, we congratulate H.H Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed, President of U.A.E and Their Highnesses Supreme Council Members and Rulers of the Emirates, wishing them good health.

Today is the Flag Day celebration coincides with the accession of President, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, to the presidency and rulership. Sheikh Nahyan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Culture, Youth and Community Development, said the Flag Day is a symbol of the Union, its dignity and sovereignty and “reminds us about the founding fathers who persevered for the welfare of the current generation, thanks to the wise leadership of the UAE.” PEPS celebrates this inspiring day with all students and staff, even parents contributed in the celebration. The school program covered: 1- Quran; 2- Hadeeth; 3- National Anthem, 4; Etihad history and formation story; 5- Explaining the colors of the flag; 6- Sheikh Zayed (May his soul rest in peace) story titled (father of our nation); 7- Competition on UAE general information; 8- U.A.E folklore dance 9-Raising the flag and followed by the Qasam (Oath) 10- Principal’s word. This event started at the Assembly in the morning and carried into the classes where teachers covered different aspects on the event. A lot of art work related to the occasion was presented by students in classes and breaks. In this occasion, we send our congratulations to all great leaders and citizens of UAE for this auspicious and remarkable day. We appreciate the determination and desire and salute the vision and mission of our great leaders for the developments of UAE nation placing it in the front row of the world. Special gratitude goes to H.H sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan for his continuous support and leadership of all citizens and residents of the UAE. (Thank you Khalifa) Administration PEPS

وجب علينا القول بكل الحب #شكرا_خليفة وجب علينا تجديد الولاء للقائد والانتماء للوطن وكل عام وعلمنا وقائدنا ووطننا بخير. الشيخ منصور بن زايد

في ذكرى رحيلك .. لا يسعنا إلا قول رحمك الله يا زايد بن سلطان وغفر لك وأسكنك جنات نعيم

Dear parents and students, We would like to wish you all Happy New Islamic Hijri Year. May Almighty Allah grant you great health, blessings and success always to you and your cared ones. Administration

Today Kindergarten Students held Gathering Breakfast, where they all bring food and share among them. Event aims on getting students to learn the importance of sharing and improve their social skills. Teachers supervise the process and assist them on how to set their food and share among others. Event also included music, dancing and fun educational games (Topping Spotting and vegetables names etc..) Social and fun events at school will increase the kid’s involvement at school and help them develop their confidence and show their skills.

As part of our Eid celebration we have conducted “I Care.I Give.” Campaign at school. The aim of this campaign is to get students involved in charity work, and understand the needs of the less fortunate in the society. The student’s council along with the School’s Social Counselors arranged cloth and books donations to charities. New cloths were collected by students, big part of those cloths were donated to the Orphanage House in Sharjah, where a trip was organized by the Red Crescent and students along with teachers visited the Orphanage House in Sharjah and distributed the cloth as a gift from all for Eid Al Adha. More cloths were also distributed to elderly homes and other charities through the Red Crescent. Over 500 books and stories were collected during the campaign and were given to books charity in Sharjah. The students showed a lot of enthusiasm on this campaign and have learnt a lot about what the need to give and care and how we should be active members in the society. “The campaign was held from Sunday 28th of September to Thursday 2nd of October.”

School celebrates Health Day on September 30th. The event included all grades from KG1 – Grade11. It was organized by school teachers and management in cooperation with the Student’s Council and Parent’s Council. Event covered many activities: Sports, Art, Health presentations, Health Education and awareness, Organic Planting, Many games indoor and outdoor.

Eid Al Adha holiday for federal government bodies and ministries will be from Friday, October 3, to Monday, October 6, announced the Federal Authority of Human Resources (FAHR) on Thursday. According to a circular issued by Hussain Ebrahim Al Hammadi, work for public sector will resume on Tuesday, October 7. On this occasion, the P.E.P.S congratulates President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, and His Highness Dr Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, Members of Supreme Council, Their Highnesses Rulers of Emirates and Crown Princes, wishing them good health and Adha Mubarak. We wish all our students and parents happy holiday and Eid Adha Mubarak. To know more about Adha please visit

Dear Parents, please follow exit number 2 as shown in the picture to get to the school.

Thank you for your cooperation .

Dear parents and students, I would like to welcome each and every one of you to the 2014-2015 school academic year. Hope you all had great summer holiday and all ready for this year. We have made some changes this year and announced new facilities that are getting built. Our new Canteen area will be opened shortly. Our number one goal is to increase student achievement, and let me encourage you to be an active parent at Providence English Private School (PEPS). Communicate with your child, monitor your child’s grades, attend all scheduled parent conferences, attend all scheduled grade level parent meetings, and visit the school’s website regularly as most announcements will be on the school news. Just a reminder to all parents to go through the school rules and regulations a copy has been attached in your child’s diary and soft copy can be found on the school website. Students fail to obey rules will face detention. The faculty and staff here at PEPS are looking forward to an upbeat, positive school year. We are committed to providing your child with the quality education that he/she deserves. We ask that you ensure that your child is at school daily, on time, and remain at school until the end of the school day, is properly dressed, have their required supplies, is focused, and works to his/her full potential. With us working as a team, watch your child soar. As always, our doors are open, and you are welcome. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to let us know. Always email the school during working hours to receive reply on same day Sincerly, Principal Marwa Diaa


We congratulates our students in Grade 10 & Grade 11 on their outstanding results for the Academic Year 2013/2014 in IGCSE & AS levels exams.

PEPS students got 100 % pass rate rate at five A* to C in IGCSE Level, and 100 % pass rate at two a to c in As Level.

We would like to congratulate all our students in Grade6 and Grade9  for achieving an excellent results in Cambridge Primary Checkpoint and Cambridge Checkpoint Secondary for Academic Year 2013-2014.

Cambridge Primary Checkpoint Results (Grade 6) :

Mathematics (Overall): 6.0/6.0 (Excellent).

Science (Overall): 5.9/6.0 (Excellent).

First Language English (Overall): 5.0/6.0 (Excellent).

Cambridge Checkpoint Secondary1 Results (Grade 9) :

Mathematics (Overall): 5.4/6.0 (Excellent).

Science (Overall): 5.5/6.0 (Excellent).

First Language English (Overall): 4.2/6.0 (VeryGood).

 PEPS Administration would like to take this opportunity to thank all the Parents and Staff who support the students to achieve such great results.

One of most popular and most celebrated eco-days globally, the World Environment Day (WED) has become a platform for environmental awareness within the local communities. It began in 1972 and has grown to become the one of the main vehicles through which the UN stimulates worldwide awareness of the environment and encourages political attention and action. This is also a day for people from all walks of life to come together to ensure a cleaner, greener and brighter outlook for themselves and future generations. The theme for this year is "Raise your voice Not sea level" The school held an awareness campaign to educate the students on environmental issues and how to prevent them. We have covered different aspects of environmental issues and educated the students through morning assembly speeches and presentations, the students also held an Environmental Gallery many themes, focus was on water saving, gardening, sea life, and recycling.

The school held its Graduation Party of its 14th batch at the American University of Sharjah on Saturday, May 17th 2014. Show started by Quran ritual, followed by the National Anthem. “United” was the theme of this year show, all nationalities and different backgrounds came together in different cultural performances. Opening speech was arranged by Miss Ola and followed by a poem praising the United Arab Emirates. Expo also had its share through a dancing performance that was put together by student’s parent. The ceremony ended by Dr. Marwa honouring the students for their achievements. We thank all our staff and students for putting this ceremony all together, and special thank you for the parents, Sharjah Educational Zone and The Ministry of Education. All the best always, Adminsitration

PEPS would like to congratulate our student Ahmad Alshamaa for winning Third Place at the Oxford University Press competition for "Short Story Writing" with the title (Between Hello and Goodbye). We wish Ahmad and all our students continuous success in their studies and future careers. Administration

Dear parents, As part of school activities, we held today the Business Day 2014. Where students learn about trading and business concept. Even upper grades contributed in the marketing and promotion campaign to be aware of how the real business operates. This was a very educational and yet fun day for our students, a lot of students displayed their products for sale and promoted them. The whole project was supervised by the school administration and some of the voluntarily parents. Thank you all for your contribution. Administration

Congratulation to our student Karim Wael Grade 4, for winning the UAE Karate Championship with Gold medal for Under 10 years old. We wish Karim and all our students the best in their future and hope all their dreams do come true. Administration

Dear all,

We would like to congratulate all the Rulers, citizens and residence of the UAE for winning the host of the Expo 2020 at Dubai Emirate.

We are proud of this achievement.